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CCTV camera captures the killers of Junior US



Ghanaians were hit with the sad news about the death of Shatta Wale’s close friend, Junior US last month and since his demise, the Police have been hunting for his killers.

Junior US was shot dead by unknown assailants in his house in April this year.

According to reports, Junior US invited some ladies to come over to his house so they had a ‘good time’ together but unknown to him the ladies brought along armed robbers who attacked and killed Shatta Wale’s close friend.

However, the Philadelphia Police have released a CCTV ‘footage’ that shows the ladies who visited the deceased in his house and the two gunmen who shot him.

In the video,3 black women purported to be Africans were ‘chilling’ with Junior US in his room.

The CCTV also captured when attackers who drove in a grey Chevy Malibu car parked near Junior US’ house and later came out of the car walked towards his house.

What appeared planned with the ladies had one of the ladies opening the door when the gunmen knocked.

Junior in the Video was immediately shot by the assailants as soon as the door was opened for them.

The video captured all the faces of the attackers including the 3 ladies who aided them to murder Junior US.

The gunmen, also purported as Africans were in jeans and a black ‘hoodie’ with their faces visibly seen.

The 3 ladies fled the scene with the attackers in the gray Chevy Malibu car they came with.

The Police who are currently are in search of the killers released the footage to the general public where they asked the public to aid them to identify the 3 black women and 2 men involved in the death of Junior US.

A $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the 5 people involved.

” The Philadelphia Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying the following people

On April 9, 2019,at approximately 11.55 pm,two unknown men entered the victim’s apartment at 7700 Lindbergh Boulevard,shot him and fled the apartment.

The Victim died at the scene. At the time of the shooting 3 black females were with the victim in his apartment.

All the females fled the scene with the offenders in a gray Chevy Malibu” The Philadelphia Police captioned in the video.

Kindly,watch the video below:

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Get familiar with the Maiden edition of “Miss Culture Ghana”.



Our Culture, our tradition, and our language are the foundations upon which we build our identity.

In recent times, Ghanaian culture has been one of the Ghanaian symbols which is fading away in the country.

When we say culture, culture is said to be the way people live in a particular environment. But here lies the case where culture is no more being relevant in the country (Ghana). This is simply because the youth of the country is now practicing the foreign culture rather than that of the countries.

Therefore, The Maiden Edition of Miss Culture Ghana pageant is designed to provide an opportunity for contestants to gain essential life skills such us confidence in front of large crowd and growing of self-esteem while projecting our rich Ghanaian Culture.

Again to encourage the youth to play an important role in the community by participating in developmental projects. However, the pageant will focus mainly on entrepreneurship and skills development. This is to empower the youth to build their entrepreneurial skills and capabilities.

The main aim of the contestants are to empower the youth, teach and encourage healthy living, self-confidence, creative accomplishment and community service.

In conclusion, MISS CULTURE GHANA will help the youth build a common interest in enhancing interpersonal skills, increasing self-confidence, heightening society awareness, and aspiring to excellence while aspiring through their examples.

Miss Culture Ghana
Be Ghanaian

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Ace rapper/singer-songwriter and head honcho of the Gbevunation has released the pre-order link for his much-anticipated “Mood Swings” EP

Growing up, the older generation was mandated with the sole duty of preparing the younger generation for the world ahead. How to navigate through the storms without being a liability to themselves and the world at large.

Parents made conscious efforts to inculcate some basic but strong principles in life of their children so it could guide them for the rest of their lives.

The story isn’t far from that of the illustrious Ghanaian musician, Edem, who is known mainly for his Rap competency and his proficiency with the local Ghanaian dialect, Ewe.

Also like most people, Edem shares an unbreakable bond with his late Mum with lessons taught him leaving an indelible mark in his life and his new EP, #MoodSwings.

In spite of their permanent connection, this is the first time Edem mentions his mum in his entire career as a celebrated Ghanaian Musician.

Over the years, the artiste has made his name and career in and out of Ghana with hit songs like “You Dey Craze” featuring notable multiple award-winning artistes Kwaw Kese and Sarkodie; “Nyedzilo” featuring Nigeria’s superstar Rekado Banks.

Not forgetting other hit songs like “I’m The One” featuring UK based Ghanaian Rapper, Sway, through “Koene”, “Bra Fremi Fremi”, “Gbevu”, “Over Again”, just to mention a few.

Speaking to Edem in an interview, the brilliant Musician clearly drew the line connecting these values from his mum taught him, using colours as reference on his yet to be release EP. He expressed that:

“MoodSwings is the various spaces I find myself creatively as an artiste and the various emotions that I find myself carrying at every point in time through my creativity.”

Stressing that “it also overlaps against the backdrop of me seeing life as colors and understanding that every mood is a different color which is something that I was raised on by mom. Letting me understand how to see life in colors and so it comes to bare on my music and my emotions towards the music.”

Beautifully representing each mood with a color, the songs on the EP, from “Love You”, “Kpo”, “Money”, “Efo Kojo”, “In Ghana” and “Chidi”, colourfully comes together as an embodiment of whom Edem is.

When asked which of the songs resonates with the teachings of his late mum, Edem recalled that “Each one of them because my mum didn’t say that a particular thing was or is what works in life, she said: it is all the colours that come together to get you to see the rainbow. The rainbow is a representation of the brighter side of life, and so synergy is in all the moods coming together.”

The world can also connect and explore their musical Mood Swings on all digital music platforms, which includes iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer etc.

Pre- order link:

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Being a born again Christian doesn’t mean leave your job to establish a church – Kaywa



Legendary producer and sound engineer, David Kojo Kyei known in showbiz as Kaywa has revealed that when someone repents as a true Christian, that person is into full-time God’s ministry but it doesn’t mean he or she must quit his or her job to establish a church.

“When we talk about going into full time ministry I want to put a good explanation to it. Full time ministry means that if you have accepted Christ as your saviour then you must do God’s work. The work of God is not only subjected to someone who is wearing clerical or cross chains and portraying themselves as pastors.

“But the moment you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, that’s the moment you started doing God’s work. Which means that the purpose for which you are living today is not for your personal gain but to bring others to feel the grace. The grace which was gifted to you freely must be shared for others to also receive the grace. So if you’ve accepted Jesus then you are into full time ministry and the reward is for God and that is what my ministry stands for.

” What makes some people unable to get closer to God is that they think their job doesn’t allow them to do the work of God. But any job that you find yourself doing remember you’re into full ministry already as you’ve accepted Christ. So if someone says God has directed me to stop my job and follow Him as for me I don’t really get it because he calls you in the very place he wants you to affect lives”.

Kaywa disclosed to Cape Coast’s finest radio personality, Amansan Krakye in an exclusive interview on GBC Radio Central monitored by that most of the secular artistes who stop doing music and move into establishing a church after receiving God’s calling are wrong.

He added “So if you’re a secular artiste and God calls you, the reason that has happened is for you to affect the lives of your fans and followers. It doesn’t mean you should separate yourself somewhere and establish your church where you be limited to just a few people. That’s why Jesus didn’t leave his throne but rather left his glory and honour in heaven to descend to the very below on the earth and bless others by striping himself of all the credentials”. (more…)

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