Nigerian Comedian, Nicki Minaj Produces Skit With Shatana’s “Liposuction” Which Is Breaking The Internet

Nigeria’s finest comedian, Kelvin Johnson famously called African Nicki Minaj has created a skit with Ghana’s reigning queen of conscious music, Shatana’s newest song “Lipo Lipo” which has got everyone talking on social media.

The comedian who majors in slapstick comedy dressed like a woman who has altered her buttocks danced with the song, “Lipo Lipo” joyously. The irony of the action was that, her buttocks seemingly too big to fit her body and that a goat(who acted as her baby) she tied too tightly at her back was almost falling off.

The video has since its appearance on the internet has sparked wild conversations on the subject matter and it is really raking in good numbers, with over half a million views on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok on the comedian’s official accounts.

Checkout the video from below.

Shatana’s song, “Lipo Lipo” is a short hand for the term, ‘Liposuction’. Liposuction’. Liposuction refers to the cosmetic surgery done to extract excess fats under the skin. Some women choose to use these extracted fats to fill up their buttocks to make them larger. Shatana through her song “Lipo Lipo” discusses the negative effects of Liposuction on individuals who engage in it.

She explains that the exercise is very risky and detrimental to one’s health if the the doctor involved is not a professional. She further explains that the exercise is tedious and expensive. She finally cautioned youth to stay away from it because the side effects after the exercise is painful and risky.

Checkout Shatana’s “Lipo Lipo” song from below.

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