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Dogo Herbal Home Doing The Most With Herbal Medicine



Though authentic and result-oriented, herbal medicine ( treatment) but for today saw most of its practitioners retiring at the early stages of their career. The introduction of Orthodox medicine ( treatment) drifted attention and brought the former under serious scrutiny and maligning. Scientifically, concerns were raised on the safety, efficacy, and genuine of these herbal products whiles, others thought they were outmoded. Thankfully, the herbal industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries the world over. It has proven to be the most secured and domineering in providing health solutions to individuals from all walks of life. However, achieving this feat didn’t come on a silver platter. Getting to this pedestal took the relentless efforts of passionate and trained practitioners like T.Dr. Joel Tetteh Nartey and his ‘Dogo Herbal Home are located at Race Course, Lapaz.

DOGO HERBAL HOME is a state-of-the-art herbal shop with three (3) FDA approved certifications for the treatment of INFERTILITY, LOW SPERM COUNT, SEXUAL WEAKNESS/ PREMATURE EJACULATION, PENIS ENHANCEMENT, TYPHOID FEVER, WEIGHT LOSS/ WEIGHT GAIN MANAGEMENT, ULCER etc. It has grown to become a well-resourced firm equipped with ultramodern machines for the production of herbal products like DOGO BLOFFAT HERBAL MIXTURE (for the treatment of constipation, improve metabolism, weight loss, and general wellbeing), BEFFAT HERBAL CAPSULES (enhances blood circulation, reduces belly fat and general wellbeing management), DOGO PURE HONEY DROP amongst others. It houses highly trained professionals who sit at the pantheon in herbal administration providing the best of healthcare to clients. They are currently the biggest herbal home in Africa with a record of treating the most complicated ailment with their herbal products. In a media interaction during the grand opening of DOGO Herbal Home last Saturday, the CEO, T.Dr. Joel Tetteh Nartey A.K.A Bra DOGO Muffasa tells his excitement and his willingness to go any mile to give a deserving image to the herbal industry.

“Today is a special day not only for me, but the entire herbal industry. My journey in this profession wasn’t all rosy in the beginning. I remember how my colleagues back in day saw all these to be time-wasting and advised me to invest my time into a more lucrative career, but I declined their advice. Today, I am happy to announce that, my success in this profession has drawn the attention of majority of the youth like myself to take herbal medicine as a full-time career and this is a big win for Ghana and the future of herbal medicine” he explained. T.Dr. Joel Tetteh Nartey who happens to be an ardent follower of the creative arts activities, gave a laid down plan of how he’s winning majority of the youth into herbalism via his regular entertainment events.

“My way of healing may be uniquely different from other traditional healers. From the inception of my career, I realized majority of people especially the youth are not too open to discuss whatever ailment hidden in their bodies with anyone. They would rather be killed by the ailment then to open up. I also realized depression, erectile dysfunction, barrenness, etc. were the major problems the youth were dealing with secretly. To combat this, I decided to get the youth closer to me by combining entertainment and arts to my herbal healing prowess. This challenged me to be organizing regular health walks, music concerts, rap battles and other entertaining trips involving celebrities. These fun games has helped a chunk of the youth to open up on issues eating them up. In return, we provide the necessary assistance and help to such individuals and that has always been my hallmark as a traditional healer” he concluded.

Visit DOGO HERBAL HOME located at Lapaz, racecourse for all your health complications. Alternatively, you can get interact with us on all our social media platforms. Facebook: DOGO HERBAL HOME Instagram: DogoHerbalHome_Official TikTok : DOGOHERBALHOME

Email: DogoHerbalHome@gmail .com Number: 0247063891

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Bekai Royal Family of Akwamufie Warns against Paradise in Africa Project



The Bekai Royal Family of Akwamufie in Eastern Region has cautioned foreign investors against the illegal acquisition of stool lands in the traditional area.

The warning by the Bekai Royal Family comes after their attention was drawn to a project dubbed “Paradise in Africa” being advertised by destooled Sub-Queen Mother in Akwamufie, Nana Yaa Asaa Safoa II.

According to the Bekai family they don’t know the project and have not leased any land for same.

Nana Yaa Asaa Safoa II, allegedly enstooled by the Bekai Family as Asomanyawahemea of Akwamu, has been advertising to investors across the world to invest in 426 hectares of land earmarked for the first phase of the “Paradise in Africa” project in Akwamu traditional area.

She claimed to have sealed a local land use plan approval at a meeting between the land & project owners and Asuogyaman District Assembly in 2019.

She added in a post on Facebook dedicated to the project that “the full Assembly was gathered alongside the project planners and the Bekai Royal Family Senior Representatives. We thank the DCE and the Assembly for assessing the plan and signing off on them. We now move into the next stages of the project”.

In April 2019, the embattled queen mother brought some potential development partners from the UK, Canada, and Gabon to the site which includes the Volta gorge along the Volta River and the Akwamufie community.

However, the Akwamu Traditional council says, it will resist any investor /developer who steps foot to develop any parcel of Akwamu stool lands without proper acquisition.

The Bekai Royal Family has also denied knowledge of the project.

The Elderly Woman of the Family (Abrewatia) Obaapayin Akosua Nyama Botwe told the media that, the family has not leased any stool land for any project.

“She has been properly destooled and no longer recognized as Queen mother. The land does not belong to her. It is a stool land which she has no authority over it so anyone who purchases the said land from her has purchased stolen land”.

The spokesperson for the Bekai family, Fred Aboagye Danquah said, Nana Asaa Safoa II known in private life as Adelaide Duncan Onabanjo has no title deeds to the stool lands, therefore, has no right to engage investors on behalf of the family.

“She has been legally destooled by the family because the family performed all the rituals to show that she has been destooled so if she goes around and says she is the occupant of Nana Bekai stool it is not true. I emphasize that she has been destooled. Before anybody can claim any portion of Nana Bekai’s stool land that person should get permission from the Abrewatia and Akyimpim as signatories of those documents before that person can claim that he is the owner of the land. What she is doing is illegal. The reason why I am saying is illegal is that she has been destooled by the family” He said.

Nana Yaa Saa Safoa II declined to comment on the matter. Meanwhile, several attempts to speak to the District Chief Executive for Asuogyaman, Samuel Agyekum were unsuccessful.

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Akwamufie: Bekai Royal Family Cautions Nana Asaa Safoa II Not To Parade as Queen Mother



The Bekai Royal Family in Akwamufie has confirmed the destoolment of Nana Asaa Safoa II Queen mother for the royal family.

According to the family, all necessary traditional processes for destoolment were duly followed in September 2018 when Nana Asaa Safoa II was destooled.

The destoolment was jointly carried out by the Bekai Royal family in Abomosu, Kwahu, Akropong, Akwamufie, Anum, and Anlo after Nana Asaa Safoa II was traditionally impeached and found guilty of disrespect, misconduct, and abdicating her traditional responsibilities as Osomanyawahemea.

The family has therefore cautioned the destooled Queen mother to desist from parading in both Accra and abroad as Her Royal Majesty (HRM), Queen Mother of Akwamufie.

A petition written by Counsel of the Bekai family to Akwamu Traditional council with copies to Minister for Chieftaincy and Eastern Regional House of Chiefs stated “I write this petition for and on behalf of Osomyawa Abusua of Akwamufie represented by Abusua Panyin Francis Awuku Budu, Abusuapanyin Kofi Agyekum Nuamah, Abusua Panyin Colonel (RTD) Ampey Oduro and four other persons in furtherance of a case filed on or about October 2019 about the destoolment of the Queen mother of Bekai Family House (Nana Yaa Asaa Safoa II) situated in Akwamu traditional Area.

“It is well over two years since this matter was filed in the Akwamu Traditional council with the matter not having been heard due to a variety of reasons which frankly we find non-sustainable and un-convincing”.

The Abrewatia of Bekai Royal Family, Obaapanyin Akosua Nyama Botwe narrated to the media in Akwamufie that, “when you are being prepared to be installed as Osomanyawahemea, we make it clear to you, traditional functions and responsibilities you have to fulfill but Nana Asaa Safoa II shirked all these responsibilities. Even Akwasidae she never attended. There was a ritual that was supposed to be performed on the stool she didn’t perform. She disrespected everyone including myself. She was not on talking terms with many of the family elders. The entire Bekai family summoned her she refused to appear before them. She disrespected Akwamuhemaa Nana Afrakomah II and Odeneho Kwafo Akoto Paramount Chief of Akwamufie that she does not recognize him as Chief”

The Abrewatia recounted that a lamb was therefore slaughtered at Kyebi and subsequently in Akwamufie. The family sent the arm to Paramount Queen Mother of Akwamufie Nana Afrakoma II in line with customs and tradition for the destoolment of a traditional ruler.

“So, she has been properly destooled and no longer recognized as Queen mother”. Abrewatia Obaapanyin Botwe stated.

Abrewatia, therefore, issued a disclaimer and stern warning to persons dealing with the destooled queen mother Nana Saa Safoa II known in Private life Adelaide Duncan Onabanjo stating that” they are doing so at their peril”.

On his part, the spokesperson for the Bekai family, Fred Aboagye Danquah said, Nana Asaa Safoa II “has been legally destooled by the family because the family performed all the rituals to show that she has been destooled so if she goes around and say she is the occupant of Nana Bekai stool it is not true. I emphasize that she has been destooled”.

Queen mother of Akwamu

The Queen mother of Akwamu Traditional Area, Nana Afrakoma II confirmed that the Bekai Family has indeed destooled Nana Asaa Safoa II.

She explained that, when the issue of her destoolment began, she, Nana Afrakoma II, invited Nana Asaa Safoa II on several occasions to Akwamufie but she disrespectfully turned down the invitation.

She explained that, after failing to honor the August 10, 2019 meeting, Nana Saa Safoa II later called to reschedule the meeting to October 15, 2019, but still failed to attend the meeting.

“Nana Asaa Safo II did not honor the invitation on her schedule date but came to Akwamufie the following day, 16th October 2019. I was told she had arrived; my elders were seated but we heard she has stormed out of the community and left to Accra, disrespecting everyone”. Nana Afrakoma II stressed in disbelieves.

She stated therefore that, on record of the Akwamu Traditional Council, Nana Asaa Safoa remains destooled and no more recognized as Osomanyawahemea.

Response by Nana Asaa Safoa II

The media has gathered that, as part of the grand deception, the destooled Queen mother recently invited some international media outlets to Ghana for a yet to be aired a documentary on her status as legitimate queen mother as well as on the stool lands which she is calling for investment to establish Paradise in Africa city.

When contacted, Nana Asaa Safoa II, declined comment on her destoolment and the illegal land sale rather urged that “do due diligence“.

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Aboabone Loam rebrands himself to KOBBY LOAM



The desire for a new name often comes as part of the rebranding process. When everything else is getting a refresh and a new brand strategy the name is looked at with more scrutiny.

It’s now clear and official that the administration of Ghanaian Talent & Events Manager,Blogger,Journalist,Brand Strategist,Media Consultant & Radio Producer Osei Kwabena Seffah-Bonsu formerly known as ABOABONE LOAM has made known of the change in the career name of their CEO from [ABOABONE LOAM] to [KOBBY LOAM] with effect from today; Monday 1st November,2021. They fully ensure you that this rebranding will not be a hindrance to all the brands he’s worked with over the years. However, from today[Monday 1st November,2021], he will be using the new name for all our official purposes in the entertainment & media space. Therefore, we request you to make a note of the change in our CEO’s name. The Loam Entertainment board declared these statements clear on their social media portals prior to the new amendments.

Check out the press statement below likewise the new brand logo of the name.

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