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GlennSamm and friends shares love with the less privileged on the street of Accra.



Ghanaian walking artist, culture influencer and visual storyteller GlennSamm, on the 12th of February 2021, held his annual charity event dubbed GlennSammnFriends #loveonthestreet in Accra to spend time and share some food items with the needy and less privileged.

This was done in collaboration with his associates, including culinary outfits such as Emyries Kitchen, Popsicles Ghana and some close friends. The activity saw him treat street kids around the National Theatre, Tudu and through the Black Star Square. GlennSamm and friends distributed 300 plates of food, doughnuts and bottles of water and drinks.

Recounting events of the day, GlennSamm expressed how much the activity has reshaped his outlook on life in general.

“I used to entertain the erroneous perception that street children are generally lazy people who won’t work to feed but play the scam to survive. In 2017 I had the opportunity to support a friend doing an outreach programme for the needy. That was when I had a change of mind and my desire became more intense. After having had the opportunity to appreciate how lonely and cold the streets can be, I said to myself: ‘you don’t have to be rich to help others. This was why I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the streets,” he said.

“Now this is the time we have to change the narrative and try to do something humanitarian to just a single soul without expecting anything in return. You don’t have to be rich to help somebody. You don’t have to be even famous to give a helping hand and you don’t even have to be the President of a country to put a smile on the next human face. I, therefore, challenge everyone to make an effort to support someone,” he concluded.

Born Samuel Glenn Semakor from Keta in the Volta region of Ghana, an alumnus of IPMC head honcho of the KvngsOfTheNewSchool Clique and Founder of Ebox Africa Media. Picture credit goes to Blaqsheep Multimedia Group and Shola Images.

You can follow him on all his social media platforms @glennsamm


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Getting your music heard as an artist



There are many ways to get your music heard as an artist. Some of the most effective include:

1. Building a strong online presence: This includes having a website, being active on social media platforms (such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok), and using streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube to share your music as well as Blogs.

2. Performing live: Playing live shows is a great way to get your music in front of new audiences. Look for local open mic nights, coffee shops, and other venues where you can perform.

3. Collaborating with other artists: Collaborating with other artists can expose you to their fan bases and help you reach new listeners.

4. Releasing music consistently: It’s important to keep your music in front of your fans by releasing new music regularly. This can help you maintain your existing fan base and attract new listeners.

5. Promoting your music: There are many ways to promote your music, including working with a publicist, submitting your music to blogs and playlists, and working with music promotion companies.

6. Building a strong team: Surrounding yourself with a team of industry professionals (such as a manager, agent, and lawyer) can help you navigate the music industry and get your music heard.


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FNMxQ, a fashion journal from the wonderful minds of Kulaperry and Q_tbg



Ever wondered how to look as good as your favorite Ghanaian celebrity? Fear No Man clothing, designed and produced by celebrity stylist Kulaperry, teamed up with Q_tbg (aka Q) to release a collaboration collection for exactly that purpose. This collection is seemingly inspired by the latter’s music, chronicling the journey through fashion and music. The limited edition collection is currently sold online from the official Fear No Man website, the official Angry Panda NFT website and their social media handles.

This line includes pieces inspired by Q’s last release, titled Jealous and features images of Q in a Q. Currently only 2 pieces have been put out for the public. Like most of the creative endeavors undertaken by both innovators, this one doesn’t disappoint. After being almost all sold out on pre-orders alone, the official public release seems almost more for ceremonial purposes than for actual sales.


From an affordable presale price of 200 cedis to the official launch price of 500 cedis, these first 2 tees have proven to match up to the value that the Fear No Man brand carries. As for the other pieces, the price range seems to get a little crazy, with the highest priced piece rumored to be going for a whopping $800. As you cough up the funds to buy your personal piece of Ghanaian fashion history, it would behoove you to know your hard-earned money will not just be going toward a piece of clothing but also to Q’s project to aid in pushing their recovery homes for recovering addicts aptly named “The Tough Love Homes project”. This project is powered by a partnersh between Q’s NGO, Recovery Talk Gh and Sankè; and affiliated to the House of St Francis Rehab and Clinic in Ashaiman.

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iPhones 14 unveiled, all SIM card tray removed in US models



Apple today announced that all iPhone 14 models sold in the U.S. do not have a built-in SIM card tray and will rely entirely on eSIM technology.

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows users to activate a cellular plan without having to use a physical nano-SIM card. eSIM availability is rapidly expanding, but the technology is still not available in all countries, which explains why iPhone 14 models will remain available with a SIM card tray outside of the U.S. for now.

Apple Event 2022 releases iPhone 14 with new features
The biggest change in the lineup is that the company isn’t updating the iPhone 13 mini. Instead, the company is releasing the iPhone 14 in two sizes — the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus. They have a 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch display respectively. If you like small phones, there’s no new device for you. But if you want a big iPhone without buying a Pro model, the iPhone 14 Plus is for you.

“iPhone 14 also has an updated internal design that improves thermal performance,” VP of iPhone Product Marketing Kaiann Drance said. For instance, you can play games for longer sessions.

Apple uses the A15 Bionic system on a chip for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. It’s the same system on a chip that you can find in the iPhone 13 lineup.

On the back of the device, there’s a new main camera with a larger sensor and faster aperture (f/1.5). It features sensor-shift optical image stabilization. Apple says you can expect a 49% improvement in low-light performance.

On the front, there’s a new TrueDepth camera with a faster f/1.9 aperture. The selfie camera also has autofocus for the first time, which should help with keeping faces sharp.

Camera is a big focus of the iPhone 14. Apple also says that the image processing algorithm has been improved with deep fusion happening earlier in the pipeline. With video, there’s a new advanced stabilization mode. It’s called action mode, and it uses the full sensor to stabilize the video without any extra hardware — no gimbal required.

In the U.S., Apple is dropping the SIM tray. Instead, customers will have to switch to eSIM. Apple said specifically that this is a change for customers in the U.S. International iPhone models should still have a SIM tray.

Like with the Apple Watch Series 8, the iPhone 14 has new sensors that can detect a car crash. It can help you call emergency services more quickly. And if you’re in the middle of nowhere and don’t have Wi-Fi or cell service, the iPhone can still help you with emergency SOS via satellite. As long as you’re outside with a clear view of the sky, you can send a message to emergency services.

On your phone, you can see where satellites are and how to point it at them. Once connected, you need to send and receive enough information to get help. Apple has created a custom, short-text compression algorithm. It can take from 15 seconds to a few minutes to send a message. You can also select standard answers from a list of preconfigured messages to speed up the conversation.

Even if you don’t need help, you can still use this satellite-powered feature to update your location in the Find My app. It can be useful if you’re on a long hike for instance.

The iPhone 14 will start at $799 while the iPhone 14 Plus starts at $899. Preorders start on September 9. The iPhone 14 will be available on September 16 while the iPhone 14 Plus will be available on October 7.


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