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GlennSamm and friends shares love with the less privileged on the street of Accra.



Ghanaian walking artist, culture influencer and visual storyteller GlennSamm, on the 12th of February 2021, held his annual charity event dubbed GlennSammnFriends #loveonthestreet in Accra to spend time and share some food items with the needy and less privileged.

This was done in collaboration with his associates, including culinary outfits such as Emyries Kitchen, Popsicles Ghana and some close friends. The activity saw him treat street kids around the National Theatre, Tudu and through the Black Star Square. GlennSamm and friends distributed 300 plates of food, doughnuts and bottles of water and drinks.

Recounting events of the day, GlennSamm expressed how much the activity has reshaped his outlook on life in general.

“I used to entertain the erroneous perception that street children are generally lazy people who won’t work to feed but play the scam to survive. In 2017 I had the opportunity to support a friend doing an outreach programme for the needy. That was when I had a change of mind and my desire became more intense. After having had the opportunity to appreciate how lonely and cold the streets can be, I said to myself: ‘you don’t have to be rich to help others. This was why I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the streets,” he said.

“Now this is the time we have to change the narrative and try to do something humanitarian to just a single soul without expecting anything in return. You don’t have to be rich to help somebody. You don’t have to be even famous to give a helping hand and you don’t even have to be the President of a country to put a smile on the next human face. I, therefore, challenge everyone to make an effort to support someone,” he concluded.

Born Samuel Glenn Semakor from Keta in the Volta region of Ghana, an alumnus of IPMC head honcho of the KvngsOfTheNewSchool Clique and Founder of Ebox Africa Media. Picture credit goes to Blaqsheep Multimedia Group and Shola Images.

You can follow him on all his social media platforms @glennsamm


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The Life-Time Aluminum Glazing System



At The Life-Time Aluminum Glazing System we provide comprehensive aluminium and glass products for both old and modern building envelopes and position ourselves firmly to the needs of the sophisticated market of today.

Expect in Aluminum fabrication system and grazing system eg Sliding doors, swing doors, windows, showcase, balustrades, frameless, stainless steel, Aluco-bond fixing, etc.

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“Your $2.5M Car Can Set Up Companies But You Wasted It On Vanity” : Ghanaians Descend On Cheddar



A section of critics on the internet have descended on young Ghanaian billionaire born Nana Kwame Bediako but better known as Cheddar amongst the masses for buying just a car at such a ridiculous price.

According to these angry people, the businessman could have used the $2.5 million he splashed on his Lamborghini to set up companies and employ the youths but he rather chose to spend it on a single automobile which has a depreciating value,

Meanwhile, astute Ghanaian business man, Dr Osei Kwame Despite has had his fair share of these terrible criticisms after he unveiled his $3M Bugatti Chiron Super Sport to mark his 60th birthday.

Below are some of the toxic comments gathered under a picture of Cheddar sitting handsomely on his Lamborghini which he bought from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Marvellous Macculey – See how limited his mind is. 2.5m dolls can build at least four companies in Ghana that will help to enhance the country’s economy, create hundreds if not thousands of jobs, making him more famous and rich along with a good name..

Oluarde – Made in Senegal (Sadio Mane)An inspiration to us

Prince Mawuli Kplim – Ghanaian youth have a very big problem if they think acquiring these cars is an achievement. From these comments, there is no hope. While the youth outside are working hard to make lives easier for everyone by investing in medicine, clean and renewable energy sources, fighting global warming and climate change, planting trees to save environment, developing softwares to ease transactions ….. oh daabi daabi

Kulivert Douglas – African stop celebrating material things, celebrate dignity and honor that is the only way African we be emancipated from this catacomb.

AJ Macsauce – Help your nation as madelas n the ghandi did for their nation and you’ll be remembered for that n not for your expensive cars n mansion

Olatula Oyinye – Waste of resourcesMay you receive sense this 2022 don’t waste money of expensive car instead be invest.


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Petrol, Diesel To Sell Above ¢8 Per Litre Before Mid-2022



Petrol and diesel prices could hit over ¢8 per litre before mid-2022 if the price of crude oil and the depreciation of the cedi to the dollar maintain their traction on the foreign and local market respectively, the Institute for Energy Security has revealed.

Crude oil is presently hovering around $89 per barrel, whilst the cedi is trading at ¢6.52 against the US dollar.

In a statement, the energy think tank said questioned the credibility of the Price Stabilization and Recovery Levy (PSRL), saying the tax has proven to be unrealistic strategy for bringing down domestic fuel prices

Government from the beginning of February 2022 reinstated the policy which is to cushion losses from petroleum revenue in times of drastic reduction in the price of crude oil on the oil market.

But the IES said three months after the suspension of the levy, domestic fuel prices have risen by more than 9%, to reflect rising international oil and fuel prices, and the fall in value of the local currency.

“The strategy deployed in November 2021 and when average prices of petrol and diesel hit ¢6.52 per litre, was in direct response to mounting pressure on government by Ghanaians, to halt the frequent upward fuel price adjustments.”

“Three months after the suspension of the levy, domestic fuel prices have risen by more than 9% to reflect rising international oil and fuel prices, and fall in value of the local currency. Referenced to today’s Petrol price of ¢7.45 per litre as offered by Total Petroleum and Shell (Vivo), the commodity’s price has moved up by roughly 14%since the PSRL was suspended in November 2021”, he added.

Furthermore, the IES said “but for some political interventions in mid-December 2021, the price of Petrol and Diesel would have crossed the ¢7 per litre mark before the end of year 2021. That desperate move resulted in Ghana Oil Company (GOIL) threatening to pull out of the Association of Oil Marketing (AOMC), after the latter allegedly accused the former of bowing to government’s pressure to reduce its prices, in contravention with of the petroleum downstream deregulated regime’s practices.”

It called for a more sustainable and pragmatic response to the exposures from international oil prices and the foreign exchange market; one that goes beyond the PSRL, since it has become increasingly apparent that Petrol and Diesel prices will likely finish the first-half of the year at record highs.

It concluded saying “whereas the PSRL has proven unsustainable in its present form and substance as validated by IES’ study, the National Petroleum Authority’s incompetent application of same to the realities of the Ghanaian fuel market is a worse cause for worry”

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