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Afro Soul Artist Mima Afrika Releases Debut Single “Mokobi”



Ghana has a rich musical history and a thriving music scene, and a new artist is poised to make her mark.

Mima Afrika is a gifted singer, songwriter, and performer whose music combines Afro beats, Highlife, Afro Soul, Afro Pop, and alternative genres to create a distinctive and soulful sound.

“Mokobi,” her debut single, is a love song that showcases her soulful voice and vibrant energy, and it is sure to leave an impression on listeners.

Mima, who was born and raised in Ghana, has a deep passion for music and its ability to express emotions and connect people.

Her music is a fusion of traditional African rhythms and modern production, resulting in a unique and innovative sound that is both nostalgic and modern.

Mima is poised to become a standout in the music industry due to her unique perspective and creative vision.

“Mokobi,” Mima’s debut single, is a love song infused with Afro Soul and Highlife.

Console Chroniks, the talented producer behind Sarkodie’s Vintage Flow, produced the song, adding an extra layer of energy and excitement to the track.

“Mokobi” highlights Mima’s soulful voice and vibrant energy, reflecting her distinct point of view and artistic vision.

Fans of Afro Soul and African music should listen to this track.

Mima’s versatility as an artist distinguishes her, and her love of music shines through in her music.

Mima Afrika is sure to stand out in the industry with her soulful voice, vibrant energy, and unique perspective.

Her music is a celebration of African culture and a testament to music’s ability to unite people.

Stream “Mokobi” and enjoy it here:

Mima Afrika is available on all social media platforms as @MimaAfrikaMusic.

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Ghana Music

Music: RJZ – License [Prod By PAQ]



“License” is a song by the Ghanaian music group, RJZ, produced by PAQ.

The song “License” is a fusion of Afrobeat and Hip-hop, with RJZ delivering a smooth flow over PAQ’s groovy beat. The lyrics are centered around the idea of getting permission to love someone, as RJZ seeks to obtain a “license” to love the girl of his dreams.

Throughout the song, RJZ expresses his willingness to do whatever it takes to gain the girl’s trust and love, including taking her out, buying her gifts, and proving his loyalty. The catchy chorus emphasizes RJZ’s desire to obtain the girl’s approval to love her.

The song’s production is excellent, with PAQ crafting a beat that is both infectious and danceable. The rhythm section features a blend of African percussions and synth sounds, giving the track a distinctly Afrobeat feel. The melody is also quite memorable, with a catchy hook that sticks in the listener’s mind long after the song is over.

In conclusion, “License” is a well-crafted Afrobeat and Hip-hop fusion that showcases RJZ’s talent as a rapper and PAQ’s ability as a producer. The song’s catchy chorus, infectious beat, and memorable melody have made it a hit across the African continent and beyond.


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Ghana Music

Listen: Addy Mirage – Break Up Ft. Beeztrap Kotm , RJZ , AMG Armani & Thomas The Great [Prod. by Junea Beatz]



Addy Mirage’s latest track “Break Up” featuring Beeztrap Kotm, RJZ, AMG Armani, and Thomas the great is a high-energy trap song that is sure to get your blood pumping. Produced by the talented Junea Beatz, this track is a showcase of the best of trap music.

From the very first beat, the listener is transported into a world of intense basslines and electrifying melodies. The combination of Addy Mirage’s raw and powerful vocals with the slick and polished production creates a sonic experience that is both intense and addictive.

Beeztrap Kotm, RJZ, AMG Armani, and Thomas the great all deliver impressive performances on this track, each bringing their unique styles and personalities to the mix. The result is a collaboration that is as cohesive as it is diverse, with each artist complementing the others perfectly.

Despite its intense energy, the track also has moments of vulnerability and introspection, with poignant lyrics that touch on themes of love, loss, and perseverance. This depth and complexity make it more than just a typical trap banger, but a truly memorable piece of music that will stay with listeners long after the last beat has faded.

Overall, Addy Mirage’s latest track featuring Beeztrap Kotm, RJZ, AMG Armani, and Thomas the great is an impressive achievement, showcasing the best of what trap music has to offer. With its powerful production, raw energy, and emotional depth, it is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre and beyond. Listen Below!

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Ghana Music

Listen: Osayo – Mad Over You



Osayo, gifted Ghanaian singer, has officially released his debut single for 2023.

The song “Mad Over You” is the title of the new single by the well-known former Black Avenue Musik artist.

In his new music, he describes and expresses his feelings for his lover, making it a song that music fans all over the world can relate to.

The song “Mad Over You” was produced by Fantombeatz and mixed and mastered by Gomezbeats.

Use the link below to listen to and stream the song.

Osayo is an R&B/Afrobeats artist who has collaborated with well-known female single S3fa, rapper D-Black, and others over the years.

He’s also known for producing hits like Me & You, Let Me, Force, Kumi Preku, Motivation and more

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