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Meet Kwabilex, A Rapper, Record Producer And Music Video Director.



Rap artiste, Record Producer and Video Director, Kwabilex was born on May 3rd, 1994 in Techiman in the Bono East Region, Ghana. He had his basic education at Angel Educational Complex, transcended on to Dormaa Senior High School. He had his tertiary education at Ghana Technology University College .

His interest in music started at an early age when his father bought him video tapes of Michael Jackson. By the age of 12 he had already started playing bass guitar at church, school and other social events, typically highlife music.


It was of no wonder when he started having interest in learning studio works. He became a producer right after he completed his Senior High School and shortly after developed his rap skills.

Kwabilex came to the realization he had become excessively sound in music therefore decided to share his message and thoughts to the world. He joined forces with his colleague, Riley Osei at the University to establish ‘RealKings’, a music group which later on admitted, groomed and developed and still manages other musicians in the city of Kumasi and beyond.

Kwabilex then moved to his hometown, Techiman (where he currently lives), to begin a new era where he built ‘Picalex Sound Cubile’ to help his local artistes record easily. Another creative initiative of his ‘The TechCity Connect’, an album that featured most of the artistes in the city of Techiman.

Kwabilex looks forth to having a successful career as a Rap Artiste, Record Producer and Music Video Director in the near future so as to help more creative brains.

Follow Kwabilex on the following social media fora;

Facebook – @kwabilex

Instagram – @kwabilex

Twitter – @kwabilex

Snapchat – @kwabilex

YouTube – @kwabilex

Tiktok – @kwabilex


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Artist Profile

Artiste Profile: Meet Zenock, The Young Creative Who Is Taking Animation In Africa A Step Further



Young and talented animation music video producer and director, Zenock Gyimah-Amponsah, has always mentioned that he wants many Ghanaian creatives to invest more in the country’s animation industry.

As the years go by, he looks forward to having an all-star animation team in Ghana that will produce many animation music videos and movies.

Known as ZENKS, Zenock Gyimah-Amponsah is a graduate of the National Film and Television Institute of Ghana (NAFTI) who majored in Animation.

Following his love for video production, Zenock soon after he graduated from NAFTI ventured into the production of music animation videos for artistes in the country.

The animator for the past seven year has been involved in the production of animation videos for local artistes, helping to boost the animation industry in Ghana.

“I have been working in animation field for the past 7 years now. I have collaborated with various individuals in the animation and multimedia field of which some of the works gained international recognition and awards. I currently run an animation studio name ANIMATE 24”.

A few weeks ago, the chief executive officer of US-based Gavali Music contacted Zenock to produce animation video Charles Fanti, artiste on the record label to promote his song titled “Sake Of Love”.

Some of my notable works include EDEM (animated short which gained 10 international nominations), Tales of Nazir and We do Som (animated some of the characters), Blakk Rasta’s Mallam Tonga Animated music video and a host of others.

Today in Ghana, there are very few animation studios, but the country’s animation industry is beginning to grow gradually, with a subtle increase in the number of animators and animated music video. Zenock is one of the animators setting the pace for a greater animation industry in Ghana.

Zenock Gyimah-Amponsah has promised to lead a campaign which targets youths or the younger generation to take up animation.

For him, the dream is to see Ghana where there are many young creatives passionate about the art and producing animation music videos and films to promote Ghanaian music and culture.

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Artist Profile




Priscilla Amos also know as Official Rella, is a female dancer and musician from Ghana. Her style of dance and music is very unique.

She is a very talented person and how she combines her style of dance and music is very amazing. She is a member of Team Greatness. One of the best dance camps in Ghana.

She will be releasing a couple of her songs very soon. Expect the best from her. Here is all you need to know about her.

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Artist Profile

Meet Nigerian Gospel singer “Firkshur-grin” – Biography



Full name: Iwu Modestus Onyeka

State of origin: Imo State

Date of birth: 12/05/1986

Nationality: Nigerian

It all started when he was in secondary school. As a literature student, he use to appreciate to a great extent the writing of some recognized poets. Whenever he’s reciting a poem, he tried to place himself in the position of the writer in order to deduce the passion that compelled him to write. At a point, he was taken over by aesthetic feelings for poetic works that he was driven to express his own thoughts in such writing.

Meanwhile, he love music and like singing the beautiful songs by music stars hence he deemed music the fastest way to communicate and distribute his written thoughts to the world.

One night,while he was meditating, he thought to himself… If he can perfectly sing the songs of other artists and by study can create some reasonable writing, all he needed more is to understand how to combine beats and writing in an agreeable formula and his dream will be achieved. He started by personalizing the lyrics of any existing song to see what comes out.

further, he would cook up beats by the clapping of his hands to flow in his own way. And the results were great, just then he knew that he had discovered his talent. According to him, It became so interesting that it was all over him.

Some friends who happened to notice, made a mock of him while some encouraged him to move on. He tried but couldn’t get any support from friends and family as nobody believed him.

So he had to hold on until after he graduated from the university and started his own business then dusted up the talent. Due to his relationship with God, among other thoughts, none is to him as satisfying as ones expressed in songs to praise and worship the almighty God. And here he comes.

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