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Bleaching Is Not The Beauty Standard “Fuse ODG”

In recent times, having killer curves and being fair in complexion seems to be the new definition of beauty in our part of the world.

And this is putting a lot of undue pressure on young ladies who are applying all kinds of creams and swallowing pills to become light skinned.

Others are also going through surgeries and taking injections to get hour-glass figures but UK-based Ghanaian musician, Fuse ODG, who is championing an agenda for Africans to stay true to themselves and portray a positive image of the continent, says fair complexion and curves should not be the standard for beauty.

“It is just sad that today that is what we see but I want to tell the ladies that bleaching and all these things are not the standard of beauty. We are black and we should appreciate ourselves as such.

“But can you blame them? It is because of their orientation, we have been brainwashed to believe that is what beauty is about. Our culture is rich, we are rich as a people so let us start seeing ourselves that way,” he stated.

Away from that, Fuse ODG also hinted that he has a lot of material to be released in the first quarter of this year.

“My team and I are really passionate about changing the narrative of Africa so we have a lot of things up our sleeves.

“Currently we have some singles that will be dropping within the first quarter of this year, amazing songs and amazing collaborations.”

Recently, Fuse ODG successfully held the maiden edition of his TINA Festival and he told Showbiz he intends to make it an annual event.

“I believe we can achieve it. When you look at the TINA Festival, it was great, the lectures, exchange of ideas etc show that people are ready to challenge the status quo only if it is brought to them,” he stated.


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